5th grade students at the Hanby Elementary School in Westerville, Ohio
composed poetry based on paintings they had viewed in the Columbus Crossing Borders art exhibit.

Click on the student's name and poem title then scroll down to read it.

The students’ teacher, Tara Norling, shared this:

"We had so many great discussions after the exhibit and while writing the poetry. I wanted the students to focus on free verse poetry to enable them to really pinpoint authentic feelings and emotions. I had the student only put their first name on their poem in case you wanted to share them. Also, we pasted the piece of art they were using as inspiration for their poem. I am so proud of their work!"

This is the end
we are separated forever
I will be forgotten
never to be seen again,
We are alone,
she has left us
And will never come back
but we will go there
we will work hard
day and night
night and day
we will go there soon,
I am safe,
I am free
I can be who I want to be
no rules I can do what I want to do
but what I want to do is help,
We can go,
we can go
we will be free
we will be safe
in the warm arms of your mother
trust me we will be there soon enough,
They are here,
we are happy
we are rejoiced
we are free
we are safe,
We are together forever

                                     by Makenna 

Broken down houses in the streets
The sound of explosions everywhere
Smoke and debris in the air
People run for their lives
And they find a beach
Feeling sad and heartbroken they sit on the sand
They watch the sun slowly fall into the ocean
They pick up seashells and hope this will be over soon

by Olivia 

Desperate people fleeing
Because of war
Seeking freedom
Taking everything
Through the harsh winter
They find their way
The key to freedom
Welcome to America

By Khalid 

The wreckage was all you could see.
There wasn’t much left. How could there be?
For the fire and explosion killed all.
We ran as far as we could.
But it wasn’t enough, for we never got out.
Or maybe we did,
Really get out.
But this is Syria.
How can you tell?
Well maybe the cloths, can tell the story.
But we can decide to tell to the story.
I might sound as if,
I just survived.
But really…
I just tell the story of those who can’t.
Who didn’t survive the horrible fire.
Who don’t have a voice to tell the story.
Who just didn’t live to tell the story.
To help them survive the horrors of night.
But to some…
Help them survive the horror of day.

By Veronika 

There is a woman
Who sits on a crate
She is dressed in white
There may be no moving train
But she is hiding in the dark
From other mean people
May be quiet down there
But is keeping her safe
For the moment

by Xander 

Train moving swiftly
On the old rusty rail
Under the night sky
Moon shining

Train moving swiftly
Heading to freedom
Away from war
Safety awaits

by Riley 

I had to stand up for my rights,
I had to deal with slavery,
I had to go through racism,
but I am here right now,
In school, learning
how to read, talking
to people who
are not my color

by Chloe  

The Statue of LIberty
Carries a torch
In the middle of the sea
Standing proud
Many people
Making hearts with their hands
They are happy
They love freedom

by Kal-El 

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